The Orange Lodge

Orange Lodge, Musclow-greenview and McCormack Road, North Hastings, Ontario
Orange Lodge, Musclow-Greenview and McCormack Road, Monteagle Township, Ontario

James Quirk, standing to the right of the drummer (the drummer’s left side), was a member of the Orange Lodge along with his father-in-law, Matthew Wilcox, seen standing second from the right (the gentleman with the white beard).

Sometime around 1918, they planned a parade through Maynooth, which was a predominately Catholic town in the Hastings Highlands. According to the story, the people of Maynooth threatened to shoot King Billy if the Orangemen went ahead with the parade, so Matthew Wilcox said he would ride the white horse at the head of the parade, and the Orange Order in the parade threatened to burn Maynooth to the ground if King Billy was shot.

The Orange Lodge had their parade through Maynooth with Matthew Wilcox as King Billy on the white horse, with James Quirk and his son Harry Quirk (who would have been around 9 years old) taking part in the parade; Matthew Wilcox did not get shot, and Maynooth was not burned to the ground.

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